South Bay Grand Prix
South Bay Grand Prix
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To replay or not replay
by CH

Q: My partner called a good ball "out" shortly before it bounced. When the ball bounced I said, "It was in", and hit the ball and continued play. I lobbed back, our opponent hit an overhead, but it was out. The opponent said "your call is bothering me. Please replay the point." Should the point be replayed or is it automatically our team's point?

A: When an "out" call is made, play stops. If the out call is corrected immediately, but the ball is returned into your opponents court, a let should be played. If the ball is not returned, or is returned, but does not land inside the opponents court (or is a short lob that would normally be hit for a winner) the point should be given to your opponent.

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Jim Flood Jim Flood has been a USTA Professional Tennis Official for many years and has officiated at many of the biggest and most prestigious USTA professional tournaments, including the U.S. Open. He is also a computer instructor and multimedia specialist and also fills his spare time as a commercial actor and voiceover artist. Jim's motto is: "Play by the rules."

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