South Bay Grand Prix
South Bay Grand Prix
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Procedures for the 'Match Tiebreak' in lieu of a 3rd set
by Jack E. Watkins

Q: When playing a tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set, can you change the order of serving and/or receiving positions?

A: When using the "Match Tiebreak" in lieu of a third set, it is like starting any other set. The team due to serve can have either player start serving the tiebreak, and both teams can change receiving positions.

The only other difference between a set tiebreak and a match tiebreak, is that the tiebreak is decided by the first team to reach 10 (instead of 7), with a margin of 2 points.

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Jim Flood Jim Flood has been a USTA Professional Tennis Official for many years and has officiated at many of the biggest and most prestigious USTA professional tournaments, including the U.S. Open. He is also a computer instructor and multimedia specialist and also fills his spare time as a commercial actor and voiceover artist. Jim's motto is: "Play by the rules."

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