South Bay Grand Prix
South Bay Grand Prix
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Got a question regarding the rules of tennis? Ask the official! Browse through the questions below or submit your own question if you don't find the answer you're looking for. All questions will be reviewed and if selected, Jim will publish your question with the official ruling!

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Jim Flood Jim Flood has been a USTA Professional Tennis Official for many years and has officiated at many of the biggest and most prestigious USTA professional tournaments, including the U.S. Open. He is also a computer instructor and multimedia specialist and also fills his spare time as a commercial actor and voiceover artist. Jim's motto is: "Play by the rules."
Submitted By    Subject
Anonymous    Touching the net post
Kathy    Foot Fault
Saturday Group    Line Call
Anonymous    Serve called out by Server, or partner
Kathy    Serve Hits a Net Post or Singles Stick
Anonymous    Davis Cup Net
kay    Serving and Receiving Positions in Doubles
Anonymous    Opponent calls their 'good' ball out
SBGP Player    Fail to Change Sides in Tiebreak
Hatsumi Nakagawa    West End GP
Anonymous    Two Handled racquet.
Anonymous    High Backhands
Naylor    Ball interference between first and second serves
Don    Order of serve in doubles
Bonnie    Break between matches
David    foot fault
Anonymous    Tiebreaker Serving Order, etc.
Anonymous    Grunting and Self-Talk
Anonymous    Let Serve
Anonymous    Warm-Up Time Limit
Joyce Gray    Bathroom breaks in an interclub league that adheres to USTA Rules
BJ    Ball falls from pocket onto court during a point
anonymous    Replacing the umpire
CH    To replay or not replay
Anonymous    Open Division for Juniors
Anonymous    Receiver's partner in service box and moving
Anonymous    Missing Game
Anonymous    Hat flies off
Mark Flannery    Heard Not Seen
Anonymous    Doubles serve hits net man.
Anonymous    Is it legal in tournament play to change partners as the tournament progresses?
Anonymous    Switching Sides
Adriana    Good ball called out
Paul    The Spin on Underspin
Anonymous    The 'eyes' have it
Anonymous    Take Two? Receiver's broken string
Greg Mayer    New Balls Please
Jack E. Watkins    Procedures for the 'Match Tiebreak' in lieu of a 3rd set
Wil Davila    'My opponent foot faults. What can I do?'
Krissie Douglas    Bathroom Breaks
Anonymous    Order of service in a tie-breaker
Anonymous    Foot Faults.
Anonymous    Doubles positions
Rene'ne    Over the Net Play
Cedric Iwasaki    Illegal Rackets
Bill Walker    Let Serve
Bill Walker    Broken String On Serve
anonymous    Doubles serve hits opponent at net
Anonymous    Incorrect service order in tiebreaker.
Anonymous    Discourteous opponents
Anonymous    Out ball hits racket before ground.
Anonymous    What's all the fuzz about?
Anonymous    Is it my 'fault'?

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